draw human figures, purely from imagination, without reference

Artists human figure drawings

Being able to draw figures, purely from imagination, without reliance on any reference material, is the reward of learning human anatomy for artists.

WTR is organising a number of it’s sketches for this site as a guide to the techniques. The ability to draw figures from imagination and with confidence, weather it be in caricature, the more abstract, or realistic, opens up the very beautiful area of gesture and expression.

To draw in a way that conveys a characters thoughts and feelings, in action, as the narrative unfolds, to conjure the characters, may be the pinnacle that separates the gifted from the skilled, or is it all a matter time. Certainly there’s cases of the most gifted, who were once told otherwise.

Will Eisner comics feature large for gesture and expression. Other top favorites are Marjane Satrapi and Alison Bechdel.

There are many online resources, free and otherwise, created by highly qualified and gifted tutors of human anatomy for artists. Some give emphasis to aspects that were otherwise difficult or unclear, all are useful on the complex learning curve of human anatomy for artists.

It’s a beautiful, beautiful study.

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