The HTML5 Boilerplate for serious and professional developers

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What’s A Boilerplate

The Blankslate boilerplate by Tidy Themes, is a skeleton wordpress theme used by professional and experienced wordpress theme developers to build custom themes.

It is complete with all of the essential files and is fully functioning from the start but comes minus the CSS styling, additional HTML,  jQuery and other.

The Boilerplate is installed in wordPress in exactly the same way as other wordPress themes.  A local development installation of is one solution to building the theme offline and the open source and free ware apps such as XAMP and MAMP will install and run in this way.

The use of a boilerplate or skeleton theme, will speed up the workflow when developing themes regularly.  At it’s core, the Blankslate Boilerplate is built for faster sites. Of all the boilerplates tested, Blankslate came out on top but then it is also a matter of what’s required.  Blankslate is properly blank and it’s 100% open source and was developed in collaboration with the wordPress team.

Updating Blankslate

Tidy Themes do release updates of the Blankslate theme but caution that a regular, automated update, say from within the wordPress admin, will delete all of a developed themes contents, taking it back to a skeleton.  Developers often create child themes of the parent theme to avoid this loss of data but a child theme is not the intended use of this Boilerplate.  Tidy Themes advise developers to simply keep the theme up to date manually.

WTR continues to produce video tutorials on wordPress theme development, starting with the Blankslate Boilerplate.

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