New performance technologies in website development

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Responsive Image Technologies has just been completely overhauled and this article is to be updated, republish is imminent.  All other content across the site is ready. The update will cover subjects of the wordpress implementation of the srcset for responsive images, methods of integrating standard and high resolution images and maximising these technologies in wordpress.

Site Performance Tests is a great place to start for detailed and instructive information on how to increase site performance speeds.  pingdom is another option.  A test of any site will produce a list of factors relating to and effecting the speed of a specific site.

Clicking on any item in the list of results will reveal some fairly comprehensive instructions on how to optimise.


Many site owners will  to opt for ‘Shared Hosting”, instead of ‘Dedicated Server Plans’ because the latter is more expensive.
‘Shared” plans differ between hosting companies, in that when ‘sharing’ a server with other sites, you could be sharing with 100 or 200 on the same server. These are entirely random figures but the principle remains. A good host will not exceed the reasonable ‘share’ capacity of the server

New Hosting Technologies

The new SSD technology of hosting plans, which can potentially deliver faster sites, was tested via two separate hosting companies, only one of the hosting companies using SSD actually produced improved site speeds.

The point being that it is a combination of things, and not the promise of one single advancement in technology that delivers speed enhancements. was offered an affiliates deal to review a hosting company and has not participated as an affiliate so that the following recommendation of is given without bias. offer a combination of technologies that noticeably enhances the speeds. This was tested scientifically. But of course, many factors are still pertinent to site speed.

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New performance technologies in website development

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